Why It is Time to Buy Some Stock


Ask a Fool: How do you actually buy stocks?

For all the financial supporters who are considering when the stock exchange will return quickly, here is your response: 2023, which is of great significance.

Its basic principle is extremely basic.

The expansion led to the collapse of financial exchanges in 2022. Its counter-inflation will ignite a considerable recovery of stock exchanges in 2023.

Of course, costs may not fall. So far, natural gas is expensive. The same is true of essential foods. Besides, the travel expenses are silly.

However, the information shows that it is inevitable that costs are plummeting from the peak at the end of the spring. Since June, the number one expansion check PCE of the central bank has been declining. Many people don't. In any case, history shows that the decline of ordinary interest rates lasting for several months is a precursor to rapid deflation in 2023.


When this happens, the stock exchange explosion will also occur. In 2023, financial investors who invest in appropriate stocks will make a fortune.

However, you must hold the right stock.

Deflating snowball

In practical terms, the expansion reached its peak in June 2022, with a year-on-year growth of 7% in PCE. Since then, PCE has continued to decline to about 6%.

This is not a significant move. Because this is a kind of flow to a large extent, many customers have not felt the impact of ultra-high costs. In fact, we have reached the peak of expansion, which many financial supporters cannot believe.

In other words, the fiery expansion will not translate into rapid anti-inflation in a short time. This change is like a snowball moving down the slope from the beginning. In any case, when it descends further to the hill, it will continue to progress and produce mass.

After 90 days, the expansion rate dropped to 11.1%, which solved 17 simple pre-inflation points every month. However, one year after that, the expansion imploded to 6.4%. The real intention is that during this period, the pace of anti-inflation will be promoted to 39 premise focuses per month.

See? In the past two years, the American economy has experienced dramatic expansion, which gradually raised waves from the beginning, and then quickly got rid of the bluff.

In 2022, we are in the main period of anti-inflation mode. At present, the expansion is gradually declining. In any case, history shows that the critical fast anti-inflation in 2023 will follow.

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Deflation triggered a considerable rebound in securities trading

This is a good idea. That is, expansion is a huge problem, crushing the stock. When this problem is solved, the store should take off.

This is reasonable. Not only that, it is proved by facts.

As mentioned above, the US economy has experienced two super hot expansions in today's history, just as it is now. These two times, the stock took off after the expansion reached its peak.

The history here is apparent. The top expansion usually matches the bottom of the stock exchange. More importantly, as development turns into anti-inflation, stocks tend to rise.

We achieved the most significant expansion in June 2022. At that time, the stock exchange was also basically expanding. In 2023, we will see rapid deflation.

The last sentence of collapse and expansion

In 2022, expansion broke the stock exchange. However, development began to decline. History shows that there will be a vast anti-inflation slump next. As the factors that destroy the stock exchange disappear in 2022, the stock market will recover.

In addition, there will be no shortage of rehabilitation.


So, to sum up, it is time to invest in stocks. Financial investors who invest in the right supplies will make a fortune. You

should act now to achieve your goals of financial freedom as soon as possible.

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